SAE J1939 – GPS Module Reports Vehicle Position, Speed & Direction

SAE J1939 - GPS Module

The jCOM.J1939.GPS device connects to an SAE J1939 network and reports the vehicle position (PGN 65267 – Latitude & Longitude) with a one-second frequency, according to the SAE J1939-71 Standard.

The integrated J1939 protocol stack automatically negotiates a node address in the range of 128 to 247. The GPS data is broadcast by using the global destination address (255 = 0xFF). The device’s firmware can be updated on-site per the integrated RS232 port, which also allows the loading of customer-specific features.

The content of delivery includes the jCOM.J1939.GPS module and the GPS antenna (preferred installation location is the driver cabin, i.e. close to the wind shield).

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